Work of the Council

Beneavin College – Student Council

Beneavin College Student Council is a group of students in the school, who are elected by their classmates, to help with the running of the school.

Work of the Council

  • Provides a Voice for students to be heard by the staff and school management

-If something is bothering students, they can present this problem to the Principal via     the Student Council.

– School management finds out students opinions via the student council.

– Visiting guests such as TD’s, local councillors would speak to the Student Council and get their opinion on issues


  • A way for students to participate in the running of the school, by having a positive impact on issues affecting students in the school and trying to make positive changes in the school.

Ex: rules, uniform, discipline issues, staff-student relations

Is a valuable resource for the school

Help out with extra-curricular events

e.g: sports day, opening evening, charity fund raising.


  • Student Council members develop communication and leadership skills, responsibility and accountability.

They can get valuable experience that would look good on a CV for future job hunting.

What we’ve done

-Charity fund raising events.

-First Year mini-leagues

-Christmas shoe-box appeal


-SVP Christmas Food Appeal

– Parent Teacher meetings


  • Survey Student’s opinions on issues in the school

ex: canteen food, uniform , local issues , school issues

Help out at events:

-Parent-teacher evenings,

-Open evening,

-Entrance exams.

  • Represent the School.

-Visit to Dublin City Hall,

-Comhairle na nÓg,

-Meet with visiting TDs/councillors


What next for the council in 2013



Visit to City Hall

Set up DJ Boot

Council Meetings


Issue Library Cards to JCSP Classes

Update Student Council Constitution

Bag Packing

Local Fundraising Event


Sports Dressing Room make over


Arts week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Beneavin College


Junior & Leaving Cert timetables

6th year Graduation

De La Salle Day

Sports Day


 How to get involved

Students who want to put themselves forward for election must


–         Fill in a Nomination for Student Council Form

1. Get two sponsors from the class

2. Get two Staff Sponsors

3. Explain why they want to be on the S.C


– Get elected by their classmates in a Class Election