Below are a list of websites that are useful to a wide range of individuals including students, parents and teachers.

Study Aids: – This includes all the past state exams and the marking schemes so you can see what the solutions look like (You need to click exam material archive on the left of the page and then click the I agree box on the right). – Full of useful resources for students of all ages. – Another site with a host of resources to aid your studying – This website has many resources to help you to get to grips with the new maths curriculum.

Student Advice: – A site just for teenagers, providing information on all the things a teenager worries about both inside and outside school.

Career Choice: – The homepage for FÁS – A website that offers plenty of services to help you with your career choice – A FÁS run website offering information on a vast quantity of careers.

College Information: – The Official website of the Central Applications Office, who manage all College applications in the Republic of Ireland. – The United Kingdom’s equivalent of the CAO, if you wish to study in Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales or England this is the body whom you apply through. – Dublin City University’s Homepage outlining the various services and courses they offer. – This page outlines the details on DCU’s Access programme, which is a programs set up to increase the number of third level students through financial and other help. – A list of all further educational institutions in Ireland. This website includes levels of qualifications offered by each institution and their contact details. – Outlines two initiatives developed by the Government to aid progression into third level education. – A database full of information on education and learning for both young and mature students.

Parents: – The national parents council where many parents voice and discuss their concerns about their children’s schooling. – This is a link to a document outlining what Facebook is. It outlines how it works so you can be sure your child is using it safely. – This guide features what children do online, the threat of online strangers and how to ensure a healthy balance between Internet use, your children’s online privacy, digital security, and more on online safety to mention.

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