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We are all very conscious of value for money at the moment and so the Board of Management in Beneavin College are very keen to keep costs as low as is possible for parents and as a whole school approach to supporting every family we have  a book rental scheme for first to third years.

The cost of books is soaring and so we  introduced a book rental scheme in the college. This will mean that you know exactly where you stand now in order to plan for next year in the College. Beneavin De La Salle  College School Book Rental Scheme


That all students are facilitated to have text books at minimum expense to their parents/guardians. The main benefits for parents/guardians would be:

–       significant savings in the cost  of text books

–       availability of books from the beginning of the school year

–       access to a greater range of text books than would otherwise be feasible

–       avoidance of travelling and queuing for books at shops

Current practice

Parents / guardians who wish to avail of the scheme must pay in full by the end of June. Payment can be  made in installments.

Annual Charges

  • Parents have the option to pay by installment
  • Third Year students return all texts at the conclusion of the State Examinations/year .
  • This deposit carries forward to the following year if all books are returned in good condition at the end of current year. The security deposit will be held against the safe return of all books rented to pupils under the scheme. If books are lost or seriously damaged, a percentage or all of this deposit will be retained to cover such loss or damage. Full compensation for lost books will be required before re-admission to the scheme. However, this deposit will be returned should a pupil leave the scheme having safely returned all the rented books within an acceptable condition of use.
  • Purchase of workbooks, disposable materials and stationery will remain outside the scope of this scheme and remain the responsibility of the parents.
  • Students will be allotted a combination of new and second-hand books as appropriate
  • Packs of books will be distributed to students at the beginning of the school year. Name tags/barcodes will be placed in advance on each book.


  • Students are actively encouraged to take proper care of texts on loan to them by the school
  • Stocktaking of all books returned is carried out annually and the condition of books is monitored. At this stage a decision is made by the book rental personnel in conjunction with subject teachers and the principal, as to whether the stock of any particular text is of sufficient quality to be issued again. If deemed unusable they are sent for recycling
  • All  texts are bar coded using a computerised book rental package. Each student’s text books are recorded on the system.

Return of books

Books are scanned back into the system when students have finished using them

If books are not returned the Book Rental Personal  follows up on same

The cost of lost/excessively damaged books is borne by the student/parents

Maintenance of books

Students are responsible for all text books issued to them by the school. While all textbooks remain the property of the school, students are required to handle them with care. An undertaking to this effect is included in the book rental contract  which students and parents/guardians sign in order to participate in the scheme.


Work books and examination papers/stationary  are not supplied by the scheme.

Please complete the form below and return it
 to participate in the Book Rental Scheme.

Please call the office in Beneavin for details of the costings etc.