Uniform Policy



The general presentation of students is important. You should, therefore, ensure that you are in complete uniform at all times while in school, travelling to and from school or attending any function as part of a school group.


Extreme hair styles affect the image of students and of the school and are, therefore, forbidden. The school Principal is the judge in this regard. Piercings are not allowed and should be removed before entering school.


Students must wear the full school uniform every day.

The junior uniform includes a green jumper with the school crest, grey shirt, grey trousers, school tie, and black footwear and black school jacket.

The senior uniform includes a navy jumper with the school crest, white shirt, navy/black trousers, school tie, and black footwear and a black school jacket.

A Beneavin Jumper, tie and jacket is available to purchase from the school office. 

Students without full uniform may be sent home following contact with their parents / guardians to return in full uniform.


A written explanation should be provided that day if a student is not in full uniform, replacement items of uniform may be loaned to the students and must be worn. 


Students must always bring the appropriate PE gear with them when they have PE timetabled. They must change into their PE gear and they must also change back into their uniform for the remainder of the day unless they have a uniform PE top which they can wear all day in school on PE days.


Jackets, hoodies etc must be removed in classrooms and left in student lockers.

Here is the full 2021 uniform policy:

 Uniform Policy Reviewed for Board 16th November 2021