COVID 19 – Our Care Plan

We are committed to making Beneavin College the safest possible school.

Here is our COVID Plan:

COVID Plan 2021 – 2022

Here is our plan for On Line Learning :

  1. How can Parents Help us to stay safe?
  2. Regular hand washing
  3. Make sure that your son has a washbag (closable bag with 3 masks, small bottle of hand sanitising gel, small hand towel for use in toilets, tissues etc )
  4. The importance of wearing a mask in school –your son will have to have a mask with him at all times and these must be worn in the school.
  5. Social distancing – all students must stay 1 metre apart at all times.
  6. Parents must  keep a child at home if they or a family member are in any way symptomatic and contact your GP as per health guidelines.
  7. Please make sure that your son arrives on time each day as we have staggered the year groups coming in each day and latecomers will impact on our distancing system.
  8. Please makes sure that we always have your contact details up to date – especially your mobile phone number.

What have we done to prepare for the school to be Reopen ?

  1. We have measured every room and removed all excess furniture to make sure social distancing will be in place in all classrooms. All classes are measured and desks moved to make sure we can maintain social distancing. All junior classes will be in base classrooms and will stay in the same classroom for most of their subjects. They will only have to move for option classes.
  2. There will be sanitizers at all entrances and in every classroom and everyone must sanitize before entering the building and classrooms.
  3. Students will be provided with sanitizing materials to sanitize their desk etc at the end of every session. Each student is responsible for cleaning their area after every use.
  4. All year groups  will be given a designated entrance and exit from the school that they must use to ensure social distancing.
  5. Canteen facilities will be open with the School Food Company continuing to provide catering and will serve food that will be packed carefully to ensure  hygiene. Morning break is free and lunch is heavily subsidized at 2 euro. Only senior students will leave the building at lunch time. Juniors have no permission to leave the building. Break times will also be staggered and students will eat their lunch in their classroom.
  6. Procedures will be in place for use of the canteen to assist with social distancing.
  7. The school will be deep cleaned before we reopen and our team of cleaners will continue to keep the school very clean. Additionally, we will have extra ongoing cleaning over the course of each school day.
  8. Staggered start times and staggered finish times will be in place, again to ensure social distancing – students are asked not to arrive more than 10 minutes before their start time as they will not be allowed to congregate and are asked to go straight to their base classrooms.
  9. A one way system will be in place in the corridors that all students must adhere to .We will have additional supervision in the school over this period.
  10. Extra toilet facilities have been renovated over the summer to allow for additional hand washing regimes etc
  11. Face Masks are required. Best hygiene practice will be outlined to students on induction and signage will be placed as reminders throughout the college.
  12. We ask parents to encourage students to walk or cycle to school. We ask parents not to congregate at the school premises and to stay 2 meters apart. Each year group will be assigned their separate entrance and exit.
  13. We have also arranged that touch surfaces in the school will be treated with a product called Liquid Guard® anti-bac coating which is certified to kill the TGEV Coronavirus on surface contact, verified by an Independent Qualified Body. Once this is applied it lasts for  12 months and we are assured that there is  no need to sanitize equipment after every use etc as is recommended from a hygiene perspective. So all door handles / light switches / the computer rooms/  photocopiers/ presses/ etc are being treated over the course of this  week with this product. Of course it will not stop our sanitising programme but it is an extra protection for all of us.
  14. We will be very careful to make sure your son is supported and this will be  supported by the delivery of Wellbeing, SPHE and RSE classes. These programmes, along with our guidance department  will support our students/your children in these anxious times.
  1. On the first day your tutor will spend time explaining all of the procedures so that all students are very clear as to what to do and their minds are at ease.

What happens if?

…..Your son becomes unwell during the school day

  1. The department of health’s guidelines have to be followed and our trained first Aide 1st responders will be there to look after your son. We will contact you immediately to collect your son and bring him to the doctor.

….You  want to meet a teacher, tutor or year leader

  • We really want to make sure that you can meet with us and we always have an open door to meet all of our parents /guardians. You just have to phone 01 8341410 or email to make an appointment. All visitors to the school  are by appointment only and must fill out a contact tracing form available from the front office.

Our home school liaison is Brian McKee and you can always contact him directly on 0830423532 if you have any queries or are just not sure who best to talk to and he will give you all the information that you need.

Keep an eye on our website/ facebook and the Department of Education’s website to keep fully informed of any changes to policies and protocols. A huge thank you for your co-operation in

getting Beneavin De La College up and running safely and staying safe!