Our School

We were founded in 1962 as a Catholic boys’ secondary school in the Lasallian tradition of the DeLaSalle Brothers. We come from a much longer and richer tradition, however. Our roots extend more than 300 years to 17th century France and our Founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle who had a very simple vision of education: that the graduates of his Christian schools would be mature, responsible members of society and the Church.

As a Lasallian school, we have an obligation to make a difference in each student’s life so that when they leave us they will serve others graciously and lovingly. We cooperate with one another in a spirit of trust and care; our education is practical, accessible to all, and comprehensive. We are committed to the poor. We work together— Faculty, Staff and Students.

Operating Context

Under the direction of the Trustees, the De La Salle Brothers the school is managed by a board of management consisting of eight members – four nominees of the Trustees, two nominees of the teaching staff of the college and two nominees of the parents of current students. The Principal acts as Secretary but is not a member of the board.

The Board of Management of Beneavin De La Salle College adheres to and is committed to the Religious and Educational Philosophy and Ethos of John Baptist De La Salle. The board is also committed to the implementation of recent education legislation, the Education Act 1998, the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 and the Equal Status Act 2000.

The financial and teaching resources of the college are funded by the Department of Education and Science and the college operates within the rules and regulations as laid down by the department in respect of curricular and subject provision and examinations. In keeping with the mission statement of the school the Board of Management will make decisions which will maximise the Educational benefit to the students.

Parents Association

In accordance with the Education Act of 1998 the Board of Management recognises the value of a strong Parents Association. The board actively encourages and supports parental participation in the organisation and management of the school.

Students Council

Again in accordance with the Education Act of 1998 the board encourages the participation of students in the organisation of the college through involvement in the Students Council.