Wristbands for Haiti

De La Salle has strong links around the world with people in many countries and communities who need help the most. In countries that suffer from natural disasters or famine; De La Salle are many times the first people there and last people to leave, ensuring that proper funding, food and health care go to the people who need it the most. This is most obvious in the tiny country of Haiti, in Latin America. In 2010 Haiti suffered a massive earthquake which killed nearly 200,000 people, the entire capital city was destroyed, leaving over 1.5 million people homeless. The response from U.N. was to set up emergency camps, where entire families live in single tents. Last year alone thousands of people were still dying of disease and hunger in these camps. The De La Salle foundation are involved in trying to get new housing, fresh water and food directly to the people.

Now the students of De La Salle Beneavin in Finglas want to help too, through raising awareness and fundraising in the school. Class 2 AL have ordered rubber wristbands to highlight the cause of Haiti in the school. These wristbands are in the colours of Beneavin or Erin’s Isle as well as Ballymun Kickhams. The money raised will all go directly to helping the people in Haiti. Another action been taken is by class 1 O’Riada, who are preparing a project in ‘Make a book’ that will highlight the situation in Haiti. This project will be on public display in town in the Civic Offices on Wood Quay for many ordinary Dublin people to see and learn about Haiti from Beneavin students. We hope the students of Beneavin will build great connections with Haiti and support the campaign by buying a wristband when they go on sale in the school. Mr Fox