Transition year
Local & Community Development Module

Copping –on Programme

The copping on program to which the students will complete as part of this module will involve them in discussion around the community with particular areas such as Anti social behaviour, the laws, and drug and alcohol abuse. The programme is based on crime prevention with students identifying and relating this to their own communities and exploring the facts around different areas. The programme will involve workshops on drug and alcohol abuse and students once completed the programme will be certified as having completed the copping on crime prevention training programme. This programme will also link into the Young Social Innovators were students will have to complete a project based on a social issue within their own community.

Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators (YSI) fires young peoples’ passion to change the world for the good. It focuses on empowering young people to use their own talents to be social innovators so experiencing and developing their innate sense of justice, responsibility and capacity to create a fairer, more caring and equal society. Each year, thousands of young people are supported to explore social issues that concern them, explore and come up with a variety of responses to these. In this way, YSI builds social capital and helps young people create a fairer and more caring Ireland. The Transition year students will undertake a project throughout the year looking at two social issues and will have the opportunity to show case these projects at the annual event which takes place in City west each year and to date has been a fantastic success for the college. Once the students complete the project YSI will give each student a certificate of participation.
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Gaisce – The Presidents Awards

The Gaisce the President’s award is a fantastic opportunity for our students to get recognised at a national level and will looks fantastic on their curriculum vitae. It gives our students to opportunity to challenge themselves but also to see purpose in the work they do. The award the students will complete as part of transition year is the Bronze award.
The Bronze award consists of four different challenge areas in the Award Programme and you must participate in each challenge area for at least one hour per week to earn an Award.
The four challenge areas are as follows:
• Community Involvement
• Personal Skill
• Physical Recreation
• Adventure Journey
The students will be guided throughout the Bronze Award by their PAL who will also be their Local and Community Development teacher and he will ensure every student finds an area of interest in each of the four challenges above.
If students really enjoy the challenge of the Gaisce Bronze Award the school would be more than happy to support students who would wish to complete their Silver and / or Gold while in 5th and 6th Year and having the opportunity to receiving s Gold award and meeting the president himself as this award is the highest award the president of Ireland can give to a citizen.
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Adopt a street

Adopt a street will run as part of the Transition year program where students will adopt a street / area around the school and will work with the local residents and Dublin City Council in order to ensure our local community is kept clean and colourful with the making and planting of flower boxes and cleaning up the litter for one hour per week. This will be directly linked into the local and community development module.