Technology in Beneavin

Beneavin College is one of the best equipped technology schools in Ireland through massive investment over recent years. With Smart Boards now in every classroom in the College and two state of the art technology rooms fitted out with the very latest of technological equipment the students have a wonderful opportunity to have IT integrated into all of their learning. Teachers are now well used to sharing notes, videos, and other resources on-line. IT is integrated now into every lesson and every subject allowing the most advanced technology aid learning and support academic improvement and success.

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On a practical level attendance and punctuality are now monitored electronically. EPortal is a powerful web-based interface that allows all teachers in Beneavin College to input and access student data. Students are assessed by academic performance and now it is computerised through E Portal. This will allow year heads, tutors and teachers to monitor students’ progress over time.

Luckily the school has access to massive technological support through Mr Fitzpatrick who is at hand to support technology in the College and build it from strength to strength. Mr Fitzpatrick along with our two schools administrators and our teachers were central in the recent smooth introduction of EPortal into the College. The recent Christmas examination reports were integrated into EPortal allowing the reports to be sent in the new format and we hope all of the parents found it clear and useful. Additionally, Mr Fitzpatrick organises in-service training for our teachers to ensure that their skills are right up date in an age when technology is continually advancing. We know that such skilled teachers will provide our students with an advanced technological platform for their academic pursuits.