Geography at Beneavin College aims:

  • To promote an awareness of the spatial and temporal patterns which exist in the distribution of environmental phenomena, both natural and cultural.


  • To develop an understanding of the processes – natural, social and economic – which operate to produce and shape these patterns.


  • To develop an understanding of the complex interactions which occur among these phenomena in a world which is constantly changing.


  • To promote a sensitive awareness of environment.


  • To encourage in students a sensitive awareness of peoples, places and landscapes, both in their own country and elsewhere.


  • To contribute to students’ understanding of important issues and problems in contemporary society.


  • To provide opportunities to foster and build upon students’ natural curiosity about their own and other peoples’ social and physical environments.


  • To help to develop organised thinking and cognitive abilities – not only in the area of important factual knowledge, but in application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, creativity and imagination.


  • To develop a range of practical, social, valuing and communication skills which are of geographic and of general significance.

 At Junior Certificate Level most students study Geography as it compulsory (see Junior Certificate Geography).  However some students study Environmental and Social Studies (ESS) as part of the JCSP Programme. 

At Senior Level geography is an option and details of this course can be seen by clicking on the following link – Leaving Certificate Geography