The objectives of Leaving Certificate Geography are as follows:

● Knowledge and understanding of the relationship and processes in the physical environmental, social cultural and economic world and community.

● Understand key geographical concepts

● Develop skills in information gathering, presentation, communication and evaluation

● Encourage a positive attitude towards self and the wider world in which we live

The syllabus is examined at higher and ordinary level and the topics covered are as shown

  1. Physical Geography
  2. Regional Geography
  3. Feildwork – A geographical investigation which is in turn presented as a separate piece of work to the examiner worth 20 % of the total grade. This pre-submitted report facilitates many styles of learning making geography accessible to students of all levels of ability.

4. At Beneavin College Patterns and Processes in the Economic Environment is the elective studied

5. Geoecology is the option that is studied (for Higher Level students only)