The general aim of teaching English at Junior Cycle is to reinforce and continue the work of the primary school in nurturing the intellectual, imaginative and emotional growth of each student by developing his/her personal proficiency in the arts and skills of language.

 This involves:

Personal Literacy– fostering the confidence of the student to think, respond and communicate in the English classroom

Social Literacy– equipping the individual to participate fully in society in a variety of roles;

Cultural Literacy– developing the skills of reading, viewing and listening to a range of literary and media genre for aesthetic pleasure.

At Beneavin College teachers choose texts and materials to achieve the objectives of the programme, to ensure that learners are enabled to achieve the learning outcomes appropriate to the general aims of the syllabus.

In their choice, teachers choose materials from a wide range of literary genres such as fiction, drama (usually Shakespearean) and poetry along with other print and media material.