Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP)

Margaret Flannery is the JCSP Co-ordinator in the College and a great deal has been achieved by the participating students in the first term. Some have already achieved statements that will be included in their Department of Education and Skills Final Profile as part of their certification for the junior Cert. Congratulations to all of these students. Students were also awarded with JCSP awards for attendance and homework in October.

Reading Challenge

Ms Flannery has launched the JCSP Reading Challenge with first year students and well done to those who have already risen to the Challenge by reading several novels in the first term. We are very keen to develop a love of reading in the College and ask for your support in this venture. All research shows that strong reading levels are linked to high achievement and excellent examination results. Please encourage your son to read in the evening s and at weekends, whether it be the newspaper or a book. Your encouragement will make all the difference.


JCSP Christmas Celebration

Students participating in the JCSP launched their book of Christmas

Stories which will go on national exhibition in the Make A Book Exhibition in the Civic Offices Wood Quay this March. Congratulations to all of the authors from I O’Riada.