JCSP Summer Celebration

What a spectacular JCSP Summer Celebration we had on Thursday 18th April – A great way to acknowledge all the hard work carried out by our first year students.  There were so many certificates awarded across the board: Geography, history, Spanish, English, maths, CSPE, SPHE, science, woodwork – to name but a few.  Thank you to all the boys who talked about their favourite subjects and their experience of first year in Beneavin De La Salle College. Their confidence was remarkable. A huge acknowledgement also to all the parents/guardians who turned out to celebrate with the lads and of course, thank you to all the teachers, SNAs and office staff who put so much effort into making the celebration an afternoon to remember. Thank you to the Junior Cert School Programme for all the funding given to Beneavin College every year. @Oide_JCSP