Beneavin College honoured to be presented with the UN Peacekeeping Flag by Ambassador Alison Milton

Beneavin De La Salle College are honoured to be the recipients of the UN Peacekeeping Flag presented to the school by Alison Milton; Irish Ambassador to UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, as part of the school participation in The Global Schools programme.


The Global Schools programme has been created to help young people get a greater understanding of how UN membership has played a significant role in Ireland’s history – including our contributions to peacekeeping, international development, human rights and disarmament – and how we will continue to do so in the future.


Ambassador Alison Milton spoke passionately about the Irish role in the UN to provide support, aid and assistance to people around the world that face conflict, famine, displacement and disease. She spoke of her role in El Salvador, tackling the health crisis and famine in Africa, emergency aid to Palestine and building peace with countries in conflict.


The ambassador was joined by Cian Fusco, of Cathal Brugha Barracks and serving member of the Irish peacekeeper Defence Forces. Cian spoke of Ireland’s special role in peacekeeping as a neutral country to bring peace and stability to conflict zones around the world for decades.


Our senior students of Politics and Society, led by their teacher Mr McMullen, engaged extensively with the speakers with real interest in rising areas of concern around the world, and the UN role in finding a solution. It was a fantastic opportunity for students of Politics to see how the UN works in its daily role as Peacekeepers and support for many countries in need.