New Catering Facilities in the College

We are very excited to announce the arrival of a new caterer into the College called The School Food Company. Success at school is our aim in the College and a healthy mind and body go hand in hand. We know that if the students are well fed with nutritious food and with low sugar and fat content they are going to be more successful in school.

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The board of management of the College invited companies to tender for the provision of food for breakfast, break time snack and lunch because of this successful application for funding to help subsidise food to our students. The hope was to ensure that the facilities and infrastructure in the catering facility are to the highest standards and that the food available to the boys is of the highest quality we could find. Consideration was given to menus, nutrition, costs and standards of food quality and delivery that comply with the highest health and nutrition regulations.edited_1453447396384


Each boy will be issued with a fob and with it they will be able to avail of a complimentary snack at little break. The hot food menu at lunch will also be heavily subsidised, we are sure you will be very glad to hear. Plus 1 Posters 3-2 Please encourage your son to eat a very healthy diet and particularly to cut down on sugars. As you know we only allow the boys to bring in water so again please encourage your son to drink lots of water and avoid all other drinks that are so filled with sugars.Plus 1 Posters 3-3

Our Breakfast Club remains available to all our students and we would again encourage you to ask your son to begin the day in a relaxed way by joining the breakfast club at 8am for some tea, toast and some cereal. Teachers volunteer each morning to provide breakfast to the boys as we believe a good start to each day can make all the difference to a successful day.

We hope your son enjoys the new facilities in Beneavin College.

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