Lasallian Prefects

Calling all 3rd and 4th years to apply for the position of Prefects  in the College. Prefects are new to the College and we would like to encourage students to apply. Prefect badge

Who can become a Prefect?

Prefects are the college’s role models who have demonstrated the Lasallian characteristics of being a man for others over their time in the College. If you are a student with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform then you are a suitable candidate. However, please do not be put off from applying, if you are someone who has had problems previously in school but have worked through these. You should like working with and talking to junior students, and be able to build good working relationships with staff. You should want to make a lasting impact within our College and be involved in decision making. You should be willing to contribute.

There will be 4th and 5th year Prefects – Bronze and Silver Lasallian Prefects

There will be a selection of these promoted to Gold Lasallian Prefects for 6th year.

 Pupils are expected to:

  • – Be a role model to which junior students aspire
  • – Meet high standards of politeness, courtesy, uniform, attendance and punctuality
  • – Carry out regular duties as required
  • – Be prepared to give up some of your free time to attend meetings at lunchtime and after school and to carry out some studies outside of school time
  • – Work as part of a team

 Prefect tasks:

  •       Become mentors to first year classes and become involved in Belonging Plus      Programme to help the new students  settle into the school etc
  •       Greet important visitors to the College
  •       Be ambassadors for the College /Represent the College
  •       Individuals will be mentors to small groups of junior students to support them in various ways
  •       Small teams will help out with school events such as parent teacher meetings, parent talks, open evening and award ceremonies and Beneavin Has Talent.
  •       A small group will help with arrangements for the end of Year functions and events
  •       Prefects will be active in fundraising for the School Charities
  •       Prefects will take an active role in ensuring that all pupils can feel safe at break and lunchtimes and may put on lunchtime clubs
  •       Help with lunch time and homework clubs
  •       Set up clubs as appropriate
  •       Organise the content for the large screens/ music  at break and lunchtime
  •       Play an active role in Open Evening
  •       Liaise with the student council and report to the Senior management and the board of management
  •       be part of the development of the leadership role of the prefect team
  •       to attend prefect meetings.
  •       contribute to the College newsletters

 How do I apply?

Complete your form electronically and email it to

with Prefect Application followed by your name in the subject box.


Print off the application form, complete it, and hand it in to the front office for the attention of the Principal.

You will also need 2 references from teaches currently in the College.

 Selection Process

  •  Application to Ms Cassidy by Wednesday 18th March at 4pm.
  •  Some students may be invited to apply for the position of prefect.
  • Shortlisting may occur
  • A list of applicants will be posted in the staff room. Teachers are then invited to positively support an application by initialling beside a student’s name.
  • Teachers vote is based on the student’s previous  year’s behaviour.
  • At this stage the Principal and Deputy Principal in consultation with  the year heads the care team, the Lasallian team along with the  Tutors reach a final decision. If the Tutor does not teach the group, the English, Irish or Maths teacher would be invited to comment.
  • It is possible that a student’s name will be removed if the above criteria are not met.
  • Interviews will be held.

Prefect Application Form 2015 FINAL MARCH 2015