Ski Tour 2014 Italy

SAM_1905SAM_1855Beneavin’s first Ski Trip was a huge success! Well done to all the boys who proved themselves to be fantastic skiers! We started the tour with a day visit to the beautiful Verona, the sun was shining and the pizza was delicious! We played bowling that evening and Brandon topped the score sheet – closely followed by Miss Dempsey (hard luck James) On Saturday, we all started with ski lessons – some picked up the skills quicker than others and by lunch time, the majority of the group we on the slopes. For the remaining members of the group, practise and persistence was key!! By day 2, we were all on the slopes and it’s fair to say that everyone was in high spirits. The best thing about skiing is that no matter what level you’re at, everyone enjoys the same adrenaline rush and excitement. Saturday night’s tubing session proved a success, albeit some interesting positions on the tubes! (Ste & Dylan!) and the swim sessions on Sunday couldn’t have come at a better time as our calves were starting to hurt! On our final day in Lavarone, the sun shone down on us and two students braved the black slopes! Well done to Darragh and Graeme Maguire who looked like pros and impressed the instructors! Unfortunately for Ewan, an awkward fall landed him in hospital but the diagnosis wasn’t too bad! A week on crutches and he’ll be ready for the slopes again!! Finishing the trip with a game of indoor soccer proved lots of fun and left us all feeling exhausted before bed! Again, apologies to Andrei for my tackle and apologies to Stephen for hurting your ego! 🙂
I just want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gaffney and Mr Sweetman for their continuous support and great leadership as always! Also a huge thank you to the parents who have supported this tour and finally to the students for doing yourselves and the school so proud! I have a funny feeling that this isn’t the last of Ski Trips in Beneavin!!