Google Classroom @beneavin


By Eoin Gavin (Transition Year – 4 Le Chéile)
In Transition Year we are using a new program from Google called Google classroom. Google classroom is a program which we get our own emails and link the up to the classes we have. When you link up to these classes you get the module for that year and all the homework and assignments which can be done on Google classroom and the teachers can look at them and leave notes.

On this program you can also do PowerPoint presentations and tests in which we get marks. The assignments are added by teachers they have a due date and will leave a notification if it is getting close to the due date and you haven’t done the assignment yet it will say Due Tomorrow and if you don’t turn it in it will say LATE and the teacher will know as it says how many people turned in the assignment and how many people didn’t. We were one of the first classes in Ireland to use this program.
Google classroom in my opinion is a much easier way of doing homework and assignments. The teachers can also leave notes on their page and under your homework which would be a private message. Your account links up with gmail so you will always get a notification when something is posted.  Other classes in the school will be using the program over the coming weeks!!
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