Breaking the Cycle of Poverty to Build Peace

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Lasallian month of peace took place between 21st Sept until 21st October. This years theme was Breaking the Cycle of Poverty to Build Peace. We decided to run a campaign in school called Can you Be Bothered?

A competition between each tutor group took place to see which group brought in the most cans of food.  These cans of food were to be donated to a local food bank to help those most in need.

It was a hugely successful campaign and we collected over 150 cans of food.  It was a tight competition with 3 O Sullivan beating 3 Taylor to win.  Students were extremely generous and made more than one contribution.

CCCrosscare, a local Dublin food bank, were thrilled to accept out schools donation.

It was Beneavin’s way of trying to break the cycle of poverty in our local area. it was a simple but effective campaign and fairplay to all involved, especially our Winners, 3 O Sullivan.