3 Delaney Go Hiking


On 2nd October Mr. Nevin took his tutor class, 3 Delaney, on a long awaited class trip. Assisted by Ms. Morelli and with the expertise of Mr. Nash a great day was had by all.  It was a beautiful morning and thankfully the sun shone for the day and there wasn’t a drop of rain in sight.

The bus left the school at 9 o’clock and headed for the hills.  The Hellfire Club was to be the stunning backdrop for the day. Students and teachers hike up the hill to see the legendary haunted building.  They didn’t hang around too long and who would blame them as legend has it that the devil himself has been spotted there in the past.

After a walk back down the hill there was a feast of fresh blackberries straight from the bushes for all.  A lunch of ox’s heart and pig’s trotters among other delicacies lay ahead. There were also burgers for the more faint hearted!

A great day was had by all and a great start to the year for the 3 Delaney boys who have a busy year ahead preparing for the Junior Cert next June.

For more pictures of the day click the image below.