Guest Speaker from European Commission

Guest speaker to Beneavin College.

Alan Ryan is a part pupil of Beneavin College completing his leaving certificate in 1977.

On completing his leaving certificate Alan spent several years with the civil service, before taken up a career with the European commission in Luxembourg.

Alan’s current Job within the European Commission is in the area of Radiation protection. Alan spent the day in Beneavin College a school where it all began for Alan but somewhat different to what Alan remembers. Alan gave talks to Mr McKee and Mr Poole’s classes throughout the day. The classes were very much engaged to the work involved within the European commission and in radiation protection an area Alan knows so much about. Alan engaged the students through presentations, discussions and workshops. Students enjoyed the day very much. Alan also presented the classes with new pens and rulers to which the students were most grateful.

Many thanks to Alan for taken time out of his work in Luxembourg to visit us in Beneavin.